Watchmen AR, IAPPA, CES

Watchmen AR

PuzzleFox Interactive

While some are content to solve real world problems, our friends at PuzzleFox Interactive take frivolous tech to the breaking point. Stop by MN VR/HCI to learn about this crazy NY + LA based raining-squid-outdoor-AR-marketing thing they made for HBO’s Watchmen. They’ll cover hot buzzwords like computer vision, depth masking and… slime density. They’ll answer burning questions, like… What went right? What went wrong? And who amongst the team almost died in the process?

Finally, they’ll give us the scoop (with pics!) on the weirdest tech-based amusement attractions seen at IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

AR, VR and HCI highligts from CES

Marc Jensen, space150

I’ll cover my favorite and least favorite hardware that I tried at CES. We’ll also have some time to discuss general CES announcements and crazy stunts, so bring some topics!

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