GGJ VR Postmortems


GGJ VR Postmortems

Global Game Jam VR Postmortems and Play Testing

Global Game Jam 2020 was (once again) the biggest game jam in history with nearly 49,000 jammers across 118 countries. Our local site had 4 VR games created during the 48-hour jam. Join us for a night of casual postmortems, play testing and mingling. We’ll share success, disaster, lsleep deprived humor, and lessons learned.

3 Snoots 2 Chutes - A QWOP-like dexterity test / adapting to an alien body. Using Quest Link for development.

Four Ward Fixer - Crafting using Oculus Quest hand tracking. Tips and pitfalls starting with hand tracking.

People Leader - A VR based God Game for all Steam VR headsets. Developing on Valve Index.

Super Hex Runner - Grid based VR racing with teleportation for comfort. Distributing on SideQuest is easy!

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