Oculus for Business

Oculus for Business

Shane Huston, Zach Wendt

Oculus for Business has finally released to general customers! We’ll briefly cover:

Online VR Meetings/Colab/Hangouts - Roundtable

We’d love to hear about your experiences with AltSpace, VRChat, Bigscreen, RecRoom custom areas, Neos, Mozilla Hubs, Engage, or any of the other dozens of online VR meeting/colab/hangout platforms. Great if we can try them for a future meeting, Still great if they only scale to a handful of users - we all have some extra time at home. If you can’t make the meeting, please email any advice.

MN VR & HCI and IGDATC meetings are moving online!

For our first online meeting, we’ll be using AltSpace, which runs on all PC headsets, Quest, Go, GearVR, and also has a 2D mode for PC. We’ll also use Twitch or Discord as a backup.

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