Journey to Cosmotic Blast

Journey to Cosmotic Blast

Ian Davis ThetaREZ

Have you ever want to make a VR game and bring it to market? Ian Davis talks about his journey into the world of independent game development with his two VR titles, The Cosmotic Mission and Cosmotic Blast. From a crowdsource Kickstarter to multi-platform distribution on the Oculus store and Steam, Ian will talk about his experiences and hopefully you’ll learn a few do’s and don’t. There will be talk of game design, theory, code, tools and personal testimony of the rewards and hardships of being a very independent game developer.

MN VR & HCI and IGDATC meetings are now online!

We’re continuing to use AltSpace, which runs on all PC headsets, Quest, Go, GearVR, and also has a 2D mode for PC. You need to create an account and go through a 10 minute tutorial before joining our private room. Twitch is also available as a backup at https://www.twitch.tv/igdatc

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