VR Interaction Framework / MR Dev Days

VR Interaction Framework (VRIF) Overview

RJ White

I took an existing project already built with VRTK 3.3 and ported all the interactions to the VR Interaction Framework (VRIF) in just a few days. I’ll break down some of the differences and pros / cons of the two interaction systems and talk about my zombie slaying side project that still needs a real name. Taking suggestions!

MR Dev Days Highlights

Zach Wendt

Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev days was held in VR this year in Altspace.

I’ll the cover the big announcements, the details interesting to developers, my favorite sessions, and all the cross-device and cross eco-system content.

I’ll also cover the good and bad of attending a conference in VR, and a bit of the behind the scenes tech used to scale Altspace to thousands of attendees.

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