Big Orange Dance Machine

Bradley Elenbaas

Commissioned by the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the Big Orange Dance Machine began its life as a lonely, abandoned roadside traffic sign. Lovingly gutted of its original LED panels, the Big Orange Dance Machine was rebuilt to include an all new set of LED panels, additional control boards, two custom traffic barrel controllers, a regular Windows 10 PC, and a Java 8 application. All that, plus the preservation of the original solar panels, photovoltaic battery bank, and FPGA. This talk will cover the full hardware & software development cycle.

Bradley Elenbaas graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2008. He spent the next decade working as an ESL teacher, social worker and engineer. He now lives with his wife & animals in the Twin Cities area.

I’m also happy to answer questions on past projects including:

Quest 2 Qlub

Zach Wendt, and you!

Bring your Quest 2 reviews, tips, sideloading tricks, hardware and software hacks, and questions. How are the accessories? How about the screen and limited IPD settings? How fast is it? Is it worth upgrading from Quest 1?

Zach will also cover using Virtual Desktop on Quest 2 for text work, and optimizing your WiFi for wireless SteamVR / Oculus PC VR.

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