3D Scans with iOS LiDAR, Global Game Jam

Join us in Altspace on a VR headset, or 2D mode on Mac or PC. You’ll find our private event in My Events. Can’t get in? Double-check your Altspace email, then send it to MNVR@IGDATC.org - we’ll be watching until 7:00.

3D Scans with iOS LiDAR

Marc Jensen - space150

Marc will discuss the real-time 3D scanning capabilities of the latest iPads and iPhone Pros that added LiDAR sensors late last year. His talk will cover:

VR Tips for Global Game Jam on 1/29

Zach Wendt

Zach will give a brief overview of GGJ, the local history since 2012, and what’s different this year as an online jam. The local site is open for signups: https://globalgamejam.org/2021/jam-sites/igdatc-msp-gamedev

He’ll also lead a discussion on VR project ideas and tips for all skillsets and experience levels:


MN VR & HCI and IGDATC meetings are now online!


We’re continuing to use AltSpace, which runs on all PC headsets, Quest, Go, GearVR, and also has a 2D mode for PC and Mac. Please use headphones to avoid audio feedback/echo while talking. You need to create an account and go through a 10 minute tutorial before joining our private group event. See How to attend in the docs. A Twitch stream is also available at https://www.twitch.tv/igdatc

About MN VR and HCI:

MN VR and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) welcomes developers, tinkerers and enthusiasts working with all variety of VR, AR, HCI, hardware hacking, creative coding and interactive art. Members are working on projects with custom displays and lenses, projection mapping, mocap, tiny computers, servos and sensors, interactive art and a wide variety of VR, AR, motion and computer vision applications. If you’ve only been to our parent group IGDATC meetings, MN VR and HCI is a slightly different format: We aim for smaller group discussions and lots of specific details.

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