REM5 Studios

Tour Twins XR with REM5 STUDIOS and see how they created this big-league experience. You can enter this experience on mobile, desktop/laptop, Oculus Quest, or PC VR.

REM5 STUDIOS has spent the past few months creating a virtual hall of fame experience for the Major League Baseball team the Minnesota Twins. Our goal is to not only replace a canceled physical event, but to build a social platform for fans for years to come. We’re looking to have thousands of fans through the experience in a two-week time period.

Check out what we’ve got in store here: https://www.mlb.com/video/twins-xr-hype

Twins XR Onboarding video: https://www.mlb.com/video/twins-xr-onboarding

Before the event, please register with the Twins at www.twinsbaseball.com/xr Once you register, you’ll be able to explore the public Twins XR rooms with family and friends, or just check it out by yourself.

For our event, we’ll be in the REM5 STUDIOS private room, you can enter this room at 6:30pm on Wednesday, February 24th.Private room link: https://twinsxr.com/tueSznu/rem5-studios-vip

Shortened link for Quest: https://u.nu/rem5twins

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