Microsoft Mesh / Ignite summary
Zach Wendt

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Overview of all the AR/VR content from the Microsoft Ignite event. I’ll focus on why Microsoft Mesh is exciting for developers, since the press didn’t : SDK and services for social and 3D colab with broad platform support (Quest is already a first-class client in the closed beta.)

AR/VR News Highlights and Discussion

Altspace has a great new plugin for presentations and screen sharing. We’re going to give it a workout! Bring your favorite news, link or (short) video - we’ll get it up on the big screen and discuss for a bit.. Lots of announcements/news recently:

Game Jam Inside VR / Bucketaur post-mortem

Shane Huston, Matt Summers, Zach Wendt

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For the 48-hours Global Game Jam this year, we decided to spend as much time as possible in VR to retain some of the social fun of previous years. We settled on working in Rec Room because of keyboard support and broad 2D support (as a backup.)

VR comfort for extremely long sessions went better than expected, after some Quest mods. The valuable learning was probably tasks and workflow that are great in VR, and those that may never be. The emotional rollercoaster of 3 Unity devs working within Rec Rooms tools will be good for some entertainment.

Including a live cross-metaverse broadcast from Rec Room to Altspace… we hope! It worked in testing.

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