Mozilla Hubs and Quest Hand Tracking

This month’s meeting will be virtually hosted at the WALLRIDE Warehouse. This is a Mozilla Hubs environment, so you can attend in a modern browser on mobile, Mac, PC, PC VR, or Oculus Quest..

Workflow and Design for Mozilla Hubs and Quest Hand Tracking experiences


We recently made the WALLRIDE Warehouse as a fun environment for virtual discussions, and just to hang out while working remotely. We’ll give you a tour, and discuss the optimizations and Unity workflow tips we learned along the way - that apply to any Mozilla Hubs environment.

You can enter the space here: https://hubs.mozilla.com/682h6tC/coarse-petty-room

WALLRIDE also recently released a hand tracking demo for Quest. We’ll talk about what works, and what doesn’t with current hand tracking, and where we think it’s safe to use without risk of user frustration.

You can sideload the demo here: https://wallridegames.itch.io/the-wallride-hand-tracking-hands-on-demo

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