FB Connect all day watch party

Facebook Connect 2021 (was Oculus Connect) is Thu 10/28. We’re hosting a watch party instead of our regular meeting format. Join us on the Twin Cities Game Dev Discord

Additional details and registration on https://www.facebookconnect.com/

At least a handful of folks will be on the Discord the entire day. Or just show up for for one of the highlighted events below. There’s also about 30 developer sessions , with everything available on demand afterwards:

Noon Keynote - https://www.facebookconnect.com/en-us/session/70f2a060-08ef-4aba-a500-3c0495e5519a/

4pm John Carmack - https://www.facebookconnect.com/en-us/session/c2eef37f-8def-4007-a3cc-c389e8bdf5a9/

7pm Spacewalk from the ISS - https://www.facebookconnect.com/en-us/session/1ee5f61d-9bc3-42d8-b134-9fa45f86875d/

VR might be required for this one. Get your Quest and Install Venues (Beta Early Access)

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