Quantum Mirror VR

Quantum Mirror VR - Reflecting on the Blurred Line Between Humans and Technology

The REM5 team invites you to join us at REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory for a presentation about Quantum Mirror VR and to experience Quantum Mirror for yourself afterwards. Prepare to get your consciousness uploaded! :)

Currently open at REM5 VR Lab in St. Louis Park, MN, Quantum Mirror is a “transcendent immersive art experience” where participants explore an interactive journey of futuristic XR installations that reflect on the blurred line between humans and technology. Quantum Mirror includes a reality-bending infinity room designed by Guatemalan artist Adrian Stein, and a surreal, thought-provoking VR experience developed by Matt Foreman, the lead developer of REM5 Studios.

Matt Foreman will give a talk about the making of Quantum Mirror VR, including designing an intuitive hand-tracked VR experience for high-throughput, heavy optimization techniques, infusing the artistic and philosophical message of Quantum Mirror into a VR experience, and how Quantum Mirror VR was successfully developed and launched under a tight 1-month(ish) timeline.

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