Vive Flow, Focus 3, GDC, vMed in PuzzleFox Park

We’re returning to PuzzleFox Park, after the super fun meeting there in January. We’ll check out the new social features (photo booth!) and exercise the new presentation features with a triple-header of quick presentations!!!

Vive Flow Dev and App Store

RJ White, Soaring Roc Studio

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I made a launch title for the HTC Vive Flow - a standalone headset targeting non-gamers. I’ll share my experience with the hardware, the current state of the app store, and photos of my kids wearing the biggest sunglasses ever!

Focus 3 / Oculus for Business Alternatives

Marc Jensen, space150

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With Oculus for Business winding down, we evaluated HTC Vive Focus 3 as a replacement for an existing Quest 2 project. We also looked at 3rd party device management options for Quest, including one crazy option!

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