ARKit 6, Quest Spatial Understanding, AWE

ARKit 6 and RoomPLan

Marc Jensen, space150

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ARKit 6 debuted at WWDC (Apple’s dev conference) this month. with some nice quality of life improvements. Apple also released a room mapping/scanning sample called RoomPlan (pictured) that has a pretty UI, great speed, can label recognized objects, and export your room and furniture dimensions as a USDZ file. I’ll cover ARKit 6 changes, the strengths and weaknesses of RoomPlan, and where I think things are headed.

Quest Spatial Understanding (the Scene API)

Zach Wendt

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Quest OS v40 included experimental room/furniture mapping that replaces Guardian and let’s you expand your play area. Oculus SDK 40 finally released right before AWE, with a new mixed reality API to get info about the user’s room and furniture. This API has similar functionality to the Spatial Understanding APIs on HoloLens… but for some reason was named Scene (SceneCapture, SceneModel, SceneAnchor.) I’ll give a overview of mapping rooms and big chunks of your house, and the fairly simple Scene APIs. We’ll also brainstorm some fun use cases, and I hope to hear about your experiments next month (with and without coding.)

If you have a Quest 1 or 2, try the sample app yourself before the meeting!

Augmented World Expo and Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev Days

Nick Roseth (not Zach Wendt)

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In addition to WWDC, AWE and MS MRDD also took place during June. Whether you attended, watched online, or just read some news, bring your favorite topics and we’ll pull up a video and have a quick discussion.

All the sessions from AWE are online for free now, with MRDD coming soon:

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