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The Mad “Science” Behind Putting Your Project On App Lab

RJ White Soaring Roc Studios

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App Lab is the wild west, new frontier space of the VR world right now. If you have something you want to show the world, it’s the best place to put it. But what about all the steps to get there? It can seem daunting at first, and almost surprising how difficult it can be considering some of the content you may have seen on there. But it’s actually fairly simple! In this talk, I’ll go over:


AbusedBarbie and F1R35T0RM191

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Me and firestorm are going to discuss about who we are and how we met in person. We will also discuss about the discord we created together and the events that we have attended to together and our goals for what we want in the future as individuals. Once we do introductions and who we are and what our goals are then we will proceed to talking about LANFest . LANFest will be our main topic on how we both got started in the charity event and what its like to be a staff member and also what its like to run the whole Minnesota LANFest chapter as chapter admin! Once we go into details about that we will end our conversation there about where we see ourselves in 5 years from now with LANFest .

AbusedBarbie : My name is Danica Clifton and I am 28 years old. I have been gaming since I was 12 years old on the PC my first game was Diablo 2 and absolutely loved it. I love to stream on twitch for fun. I am a FPS PC gamer at heart. I currently play a lot of call of duty and other random games from golf with your friends to fall guys and whatever else is new out there but solely focus on FPS games. I will then discuss about the first time i went to a LANFest event in California and moved to Minnesota and started up the LANFest event here in Minnesota and became the chapter admin.

F1R35T0RM191, Hi I’m F1R35T0RM191, I’ve been gaming ever since i was young. I’ve played many game titles from many different generations and genres. I’m a huge Gamer and gaming enthusiast. Lately I’ve been enjoying playing Escape from Tarkov, Apex, and Call of Duty. I love watching a variety of gaming streamers like ChocoTaco, TimTheTatman and Dr.Disrespect. Currently I’m the Staff Leader in the Minnesota BelowZero Lanfest.

LANFest .com - BelowZero LANFest Minnesota Discord

Gaming Lounge Discord (AbusedBarbie & F1R35T0RM191’s Personal Discord)

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